Lyric Inspiration

Sleep with one eye open, on a bed of broken glass
In the middle of the ocean, yes I’d do that
Nothing lasts forever, but she makes me want to try
I’d crawl across the desert, yes I’d do that

I find a lot of inspiration from songs (and films, TV, adverts but I’ll get to that at another point.) Not just the lyrics though, but the atmosphere of the music. The above quote is from ‘Oh, Love’ by William Beckett on his new EP ‘Walk The Talk’ and I both love the words for the epic-ness and the music for being somehow so inspiring.
Soundtracks are awesome as you’re not concentrating on lyrics while you’re trying to write. So I love almost anything by Hans Zimmer (Pirates of the Caribbean, Inception, Batman – was good for fight scenes) and the prettiest, most romantic soundtrack has to be Dario Marianelli’s Pride and Prejudice score.
One song that I listened to constantly while writing Scarlet was ‘This Isn’t Everything You Are’ by ‘Snow Patrol’. I know the song is about someone dying and stuff, but the lyrics seemed to really fit with what I was writing:

And in one little moment, it all implodes
This isn’t everything you are
Breath deeply in the silence, no sudden moves
This isn’t everything you are
Just take the hand that’s offered, and hold on tight
This isn’t everything you are
There’s joy not far from here right, I know there is
This isn’t everything you are

I also absolutely love ‘New York’ by them too, also for epic-ness. (I love epic!)

So what songs inspire you to write?


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