Everything but the words

The other day when I was supposed to be writing, I found myself on the H&M dressing room. Darn internet. But I decided to link my procrastinating with my story, that way, I didn’t feel so bad. And you know what? It actually really helped to create the characters. By coming up with what clothes they wore, I found out small, personal things about them that helped make them into real people. For example, one girl likes to wear dangly earrings and skirts, another always wears black jeans and slouchy t-shirts. Now they’re not just vague girls with copper or black hair, I can imagine them clearly.
I also drew a map on Paint that created an image in my head of the area, where certain items were etc so that will be useful when I revisit the set piece and make everything link.
I even used The Sims 2 to make a replica of the girl’s flat, with the furniture and everything.

So what kinds of things do you do to help write?


2 thoughts on “Everything but the words

  1. Thanks for the post! It’s crazy how we find pieces of our characters everywhere.

    To help me with character development and voice, I pick theme songs for every character. For example, in my latest manuscript, Biddy is the main character. Her song is “And if we both fail?” by a pop punk band called Mixtapes. It really got me in her voice, her uncertainty, sadness and determination.

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