The Avengers Review

 If you hadn’t already figured, Scarlett is a superhero story. And so of course, I was excited to see The Avengers, especially because of Joss Whedon. I love the idea of all these seperate movies (Iron Man, Thor etc) leading up to this big one.
So two days ago I went to see it and it was awesome! The plot is basically Loki trying to destroy the world, so nothing new there. But it was the characters that made this amazing. Joss Whedon is so good at creating unique characters in ensembles, having them all play off each other and generally being realistic and funny. (I laughed at so many parts.) Captain America for example hasn’t become some generic guy, he’s acting exactly like he did in his own film and his actions reflect those of the soldier he was brought up as. Tony Stark is taking over all the computers and having fun with Bruce Banner, trying to get him to Hulk out. And Loki… he’s awesome! I love his accent (even though I’m English too…) and his mischievous smile and the sense that he knows something you don’t; he has a plan. But it felt to me that it was Natasha Romanoff who was the main character, which wasn’t a bad thing at all as I really liked her character and there was so much story for her. I’ve never seen Scarlett Johansson in anything before (except of course Iron Man 2) but this certainly made me like her. It was obvious really that Joss Whedon would focus on the awesome fighting girl.
I read a quote from him saying that he liked having groups of people who shouldn’t be in the same room together and The Avengers was certainly that. They were constantly fighting but, with so many egos and superpowers in one room, what else should you expect?
Another thing I loved about it, was that recently everything I’ve watched has threatened things (I’m going to kill you… I will… here’s my gun… I’m going to do it… Ah, no I can’t) but with this film it was like ‘is he…? BAM! Oh..’ Things happened which was so refreshing.
I also liked how they linked with the past films. Pepper Potts had a small part. Thor wanted to know about Jane Foster. There was a quick picture of Peggy Carter. Tony Stark didn’t like to be handed things.
By the end, you felt as though you really know these people. Oh, and stay for the scene midway through the credits.
All the good reviews you’ve heard about The Avengers were right: this film was awesome.


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