Delirium by Lauren Oliver

by Lauren Oliver

One liner
Set in a dystopian world where a cure for love has been found, one girl falls in love a couple of weeks before her procedure.
Display or Shelve?
Shelve. Definitely shelve. Or hide behind the bookcase? When I was reading this, I had to keep having it face down unless that huge face would freak me out.
Notable Thoughts
The world feels very real and the whole idea of curing love to stop wars and people killing – you can actually understand it. It’s written very eloquently but still easy to read. Also, it’s not some cheesy romance thing even though it’s all about love. One flaw I did find was that the main guy Alex seemed to have no life before her, or even after her. It didn’t mention if he had friends or anything. Whereas Lena, the main character, had lots of back story and tiny events that helped make her a realistic person. Overall, it was a fresh take on the dystopian genre (although there was still the ‘outside world’ and the government lying and keeping them inside) but really, you knew what was going to happen.
Reread or Remember?
If I have time, probably reread. But to be honest, not much happens that you need to remember. There’s just the basic plot and that’s it (with perhaps one twist that I can remember). The sequel Pandemonium, is out now.

3.5 out 5


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