“No. He’s a pirate.”

A while ago, I watched the commentary for Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl with the screenwriters – Ted Elliott and Terry Rossio (they wrote all 4). There was some parts of what they said that really stood out for me in terms of writing a story. For example, they said about how characters are supposed to do something at the end of the story they would never have done at the beginning. As in, Will Turner was all proper and ‘Miss Swann’ and pirates are bad, but at the end he’s telling her he loves her in front of everyone and is risking his life to save a pirate.
There was also another part which I don’t remember clearly, but it was something to do with acts and scenes. Yes, I know all films have those, but they said it so clearly and simply that it made me think. So I split Scarlett into these film-like sections and it made it so much easier to write and made sure the action was sustained.
I also think that Pirates 1 is probably the most perfect story. I absolutely love it!
And lastly, they said that the kiss always has to come at the end. Pirates 1 is an obvious example:

And then there is Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides. Philip and Syrena kiss at the very end of that one too. I like this idea much more than if it comes in the middle of a story as its been leading up to it and its far more dramatic. So thanks Ted and Terry for those very useful tips in writing, not only for the screen!


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