Insurgent by Veronica Roth

By Veronica Roth

One liner
Tris and Tobias wander around the different factions, meet up with people from Divergent and try to figure out ‘the big secret’. It’s amazing how bad I made it sound there but that’s basically it.

Display or Shelve?
Shelve, because the spine is nicer than the cover and you wouldn’t be able to see the cheesy tag lines. The cover is so generic and boring; I’d never pick it up.

Notable Thoughts
I didn’t think the first one was as good as the hype. The story was interesting and it was fast paced but it wasn’t amazing like everyone else seemed to think. Starting Insurgent, I had no idea what was going to happen which is always fun. But the first half of the book was full of clichés and every time the characters tried to be ‘fun young people’ like they should be, the things they said and did felt kind of typical and unoriginal. The last half felt more new and interesting although, perhaps it was just me being stupid, but I didn’t understand exactly why she was talking to certain people or doing certain things.
All the way through though, I didn’t like Tris. She was confrontational, angry and didn’t think Tobias could handle the truth about anything – leading to the typical arguments I always seem to find in second books. Yes, I can understand why she was distant and angry, but you’re still supposed to like the character. There were also a lot of characters and I got a bit confuzzled about how they were all related, plus some of the names were quite similar.
The cliffhanger made me anxious for the next book and how things are going to change but I can wait.

Reread or Remember?
Even though they’re really thick, they’re pretty quick reads so if I have time, I’d probably read them again. Maybe…

3 out of 5


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