Underworld by Meg Cabot

By Meg Cabot

One liner
The Furies are still after Pierce in order to hurt her death deity boyfriend John, but they’re not the only ones causing problems for her.

Display or Shelve?
Certainly not shelve, but not ‘I’d like a huge poster of it in my room please’. I like the colours and the swirls but it all looks so cold and so different to what the atmosphere of the story is like. I like the Abandon cover much better.

Notable Thoughts
I LOVE Meg Cabot’s books. I feel horrible saying anything bad – not that Underworld was dreadful or anything. It just wasn’t her best (Mediator series gets that award – remember Jesse?! And I love the Airhead series too.) At the beginning of Underworld I thought it was going to be awesome: I really liked that she was in a castle – not that that was mentioned much, and it reminded me a bit of Beauty and the Beast and also Howl’s Moving Castle. I also liked John’s backstory and the characters that knew him. But the main plot turned out to be something I thought might be a small sub plot and the whole thing just seemed a lesser mix of her other books.

Reread or Remember?
Reread. They’re pretty short and quick reads and they’re Meg Cabot so of course I’ll read them again and give them another chance. The last in the trilogy, Awaken, will come out next year some time. I don’t know when yet but probably around May.

3 out of 5
(If it weren’t for it being Meg Cabot, I may have given it lower. Sadly)


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