City of Lost Souls by Cassandra Clare

City of Lost Souls
by Cassandra Clare

One liner:
Jace has gone missing with evil Sebastian so everyone is out looking for him.

Display or Shelve?
Shelve. I like the colours and the bridge and old house, but, although the picture isn’t as cheesy as some I’ve seen, I still hid it when I was reading it in public. It’s also a massively thick book, like a brick. I like thick books so that was good.

Notable Thoughts
The other books in this series were alright but nothing special. I can’t even remember what happened in the first three although I know I didn’t think they were very amazing. But I actually really liked this one. You get involved with the characters and, though I never liked Jace in the other ones, he was too arrogant and everyone seemed to always be talking about him and how amazing he is, this one he was alright. He was more happy and fun and less ‘I don’t deserve you’ or ‘I’m just like my evil father’. My favourite character though had to be Sebastian – who was the villain. He was nice, polite and, refreshingly, didn’t have some love interest that was all he was ever thinking about. He got crazy by the end though.
There were several scenes that didn’t need to be in it, mostly short ones that seemed like she was trying to split the action for more cliffhangers. And I felt there were too many kissing scenes for the sake of it – the same things happened for each couple, which would’ve been fine if there was just the one couple, but all of them doing the same things just got unoriginal – and I’m sure Cassandra Clare is running out of ways of interrupting Jace and Clary before things get too serious. Although that’s sorted with the cliffhanger.
I did really like it though and there were some pretty awesome, film-like scenes. I also liked the hints to the characters from her other prequel series.

Reread or Remember?
Reread. I like how it’s written and there are lots of small hints and mysteries that I’d need to remember. The sequel City of Heavenly Fire comes out next year. Probably.

4 out of 5


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