Meeting Cassandra Clare

So yesterday I went to see Cassandra Clare in Waterstones in Bath. I’ve never seen or been to an author event before so I had no idea what to expect. There were about seventy of us and lots of people wrote down questions for her to answer (I didn’t even see the sticky notes so I didn’t ask anything). Then she arrived and read out an excerpt from Clockwork Princess. It was a small scene with Will and Cecily talking, on their way to someplace to buy demon drugs. Things about the two of them being stubborn and her following him anywhere – even to Hell because, what’s that like?
Then she answered the questions. Most were typical with answers on her website so I already knew what she’d say, but she was a very good speaker so I didn’t mind. One was about Will hating ducks and she said her and her friend were in Hyde Park and they had a load of fancy pies from Harrods. They didn’t like the ducks ones though so they wandered along the Serpentine river and, because they were mostly pastry, fed the ducks. Before realising they were feeding ducks to ducks. She also said that, while researching the abandoned smallpox hospital in New York, her and a friend climbed over a fence that said no entry then were caught by the police. When she said she was writing a book, they asked if it was a non-fiction history. She said no, it’s about demons. But they let her go. She also said about an author friend who got Cassie to driver around with her in the car boot to know what it was like.
She mentioned her new series The Dark Artifices set 5 years after The Mortal Instruments. Centred on orphan Emma Carstairs and a big family in the Los Angeles institute, she will try to figure out what happened to her parents. She also said that as long as people want to read about the Shadowhunter world, she’ll continue writing them as there’s so many stories you can tell about them.
She also talked about the film and how they’re currently auditioning for Magnus and next week it’ll be Isabelle. Once all the kids are cast, they’ll start on the adults and then start filming in August for two months.
And then. We all queued up to get our books signed. So I’ve got a signed edition of Clockwork Angel (my favourite) and City of Lost Souls! And also a badge that says ‘Team Cassie’ even though I’d rather have had one that said ‘Team Will’.


2 thoughts on “Meeting Cassandra Clare

  1. She was a really good speaker and funny. I only spoke to her for like a second when she was signing but she was very nice, asking people if they were a Will or Jem girl and (because I have a twin who was there with me) who gets to read them first 🙂

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