Tempest by Julie Cross

By Julie Cross

One liner
Jackson can time-travel a short while into the past, but then his girlfriend gets shot in front of him and he jumps back two years.

Display or Shelve?
Display. I really like this cover. It’s clean, intriguing and very different to all the other dark covers around.

Notable Thoughts
Okay, I got a little confuzzled with all the time-travel rules and everything. But it didn’t spoil the story; I still understood that – mostly. I liked that Jackson (at 19) is older than many protagonists so he pretty much had the freedom to do whatever he wanted. I also liked that part of the story was set at some sports kind of place where they did gymnastics – never seen that before. And that it was in a boy’s perspective.
There were a couple of bits that seemed like they’d be big revelations or cliff-hangers, but they were in the middle of a chapter and it didn’t dwell on them. I can’t decide if this is a good or a bag thing. Also, it felt kind of… sparse? There wasn’t really that much description or explaining what the characters were doing so, I don’t know, perhaps it felt a little bit like a first draft in places? But I suppose that kept the suspense and action instead of dragging it out too much.
Overall, I did like it. The plot was full of mystery and action and Jackson was a very likeable main character.

Reread or Remember?
If I can get it again in the library, I’ll reread. I think it needs more than one read to understand all the time-travelness anyway. Tempest is the first in a trilogy but I have no idea when the sequel comes out or even what it’s called.

3.5 out of 5


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