Fever by Lauren DeStefano


By Lauren DeStefano

One liner

Rhine and Gabriel escaped the house where she is being held as a captive wife only to find things are pretty bad outside too.

Display or Shelve?

Display. Her pose might be a little awkward and for some reason it’s not entirely clear – her arm is all blotchy – but it’s nice and I like the carnival feel to it.

Notable Thoughts

I was really looking forward to the carnival/fair aspect of the story and thought it would be the main part, but it was probably less than half. Plus, in reality it was a scarlet district.

Gabriel was a rather boring, typical love interest – if that. I didn’t really get that they loved each other – who just followed her around and looked after her when she was ill. Which is another notable point – it felt like all the way through, someone was ill, or dreaming. There was a lot of repetition about sleep and the last part was cRaZy.

Saying all that, the story itself was interesting and I read it quickly. It didn’t feel like things were dragged out as is typical of second books and it had a proper story – not just leading to the resolution in the third book.

Reread or Remember?

Remember. It recaps what happened in the previous book and, to be honest, not all that much happens and there aren’t really any secrets of mysteries you need to keep track of. The last in the trilogy SEVER comes out next year. Probably.

 3 out of 5


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