Stealing Writing Tips #1

Usually when I’m supposed to be writing, I look at author blogs and find lots of interesting tips on writing. So I thought I’d share some of my favourite, most useful ones:

Just write it
I used to write and edit at the same time, going back through the same chapter over and over until it was perfect (or I thought it was at the time) before moving on. But it is so much easier and much better if you just write it all from beginning to end without going back through at all. Even if you think you’ve done something wrong or need to change something, leave it. Make a note somewhere and continue to the end. Then you can go back and edit. A lot of author’s blogs say their first drafts are awful so don’t feel bad if it’s really sparse or whatever when you read back through.

Don’t end naturally
Do not end chapters when the character goes to sleep! This is a natural end point where readers will put down the book instead of zooming onto the next chapter. You want to stop in the middle of action or something.

Hmm, I had loads more but I’ve forgotten them…


2 thoughts on “Stealing Writing Tips #1

  1. As someone with a constant need to tinker with everything I write, the idea of actually just writing and not constantly editing is a difficult one to handle, but one I should really try… Good luck with your projects!

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