Stealing Writing Tips #2

I remembered some more! (Also, there is a spoiler for The Avengers in here so don’t read if you don’t want it all spoilt for you).

Read the blurb first
I wrote a roughly 80,000 word novel and then I wrote a small blurb for it for fun. And it helped me realise what the main themes, ideas, and selling points were. So I rewrote the entire thing (or at least I started, before I moved on to another story) with these in mind. Maybe you don’t have to write a 100 word synopsis right at the very beginning, but perhaps half way through will help you focus on what your story is actually about. It’s easy to get lost in the story but squashing the plot into a few words makes it so much easier.

Don’t kill anyone for fun
I think this is a good life lesson actually. As for writing, don’t kill off a character just because its easy (an example of this is the last Alex Rider book.) Your characters aren’t supposed to have an easy life, they’re supposed to hate you for ruining their lives and making it so hard. Having a character die has to be an integral part of the plot or have some deep meaning. For example (SPOILER!!!) in The Avengers. That character who died, (I’m still going to be vague in case you’re still reading) did so because it affected the rest of the characters; made them more focused and want revenge. Joss Whedon often kills characters off and its him who said there has to be a proper reason behind it. And he’s Joss Whedon – so listen!!

Writing tips I picked up from Pirates of the Caribbean:


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