Stealing Writing Tips #3

Give your characters choice
Remember to actually give your characters a choice in situations instead of simply reacting. Like, if they’re holding a gun, will they shoot or not? Will they go into danger or hide in the corner? It shows different sides of the characters and makes them more human. It seems easy, but thinking about it, I’m wondering if I’ve actually done it properly or if they only ever have the one option.

Remember what you like to read
You’re supposed to write what you want to read. Sometimes I get caught up in some idea or scene that isn’t really what I’d want in a book yet that’s how the scene unfolded and I’m stuck with it. Often its a struggle to remember, hey! you’re my characters, this is my book, I can make you do anything I want. So don’t get dragged into writing things you don’t like or wouldn’t find interesting if you were reading them in a book.

Nothing but speech
I like this idea and I haven’t thought of it properly before. You should make your character’s way of talking distinct for each person so by the end of the book there doesn’t have to be any speech tags (“Hi there,” Ruth said.”) and you’d still be able to know who was speaking.


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