Struck by Jennifer Bosworth

by Jennifer Bosworth

One liner
Mia (whose been struck by lightning on countless occasions) lives in an earthquake destroyed LA where a Prophet is… uh, prophesizing that the world will end in 3 days.

Shelve or Display?
Display. The broken buildings really set the tone for the book and the lightning makes it all very dramatic.

Notable Thoughts
The world of a devastated LA and the chaos the earthquake left behind is very well done and overall I liked the story. There were a couple of flaws I found although nothing major. There were two parts that were supposed to be shocking revelations but I guessed them right away, and sometimes Mia was a bit of an idiot, doing random things with not much reason or going right into the lion’s den with no plan. Jeremy (the love interest) seemed nice enough (and he had Clark Kent glasses which is awesome) but didn’t seem to have much of a presence really when he was around. Saying all that, the story was interesting, I liked the characters and it was a fresh idea with the whole disaster movie feel.

Reread or Remember?
Probably remember. I can’t find anything that says for certain there will be a sequel (and it does feel kind of like a standalone) but I think she might write one. There is a 0.5 called Prophet.

3.5 out of 5


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