Immortal City by Scott Speer

Immortal City by Scott Speer

I read this a while ago so this review will be pretty short as I have to remember…
Jackson is the famous-ist of angels – angels that save for money. Madison works at a diner. Of course, they meet and fall in love. (Duh, that’s not a spoiler). But there’s someone killing angels, and Jackson is marked as next…
Generally I liked it. It was well written, I liked the characters well enough, and it was something a bit different – showing a world of celebrities and parties I’ve never seen before. There was a bit in the middle where Jackson took her to a big party with loads of paparazzi which I thought was a bit too soon and he should’ve asked her if she was okay with. But that’s the only bit that stuck out as being not so good, and the rest of it was interesting and I read it quick. I’ll be reading the next one – Natural Born Angel when it comes out next year!


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