Wander Dust by Michelle Warren

Wander Dust
by Michelle Warren

Seraphina Parrish is a Wanderer – she can travel through time (parts of which reminded me of the Harry Potter 3 film) and jump from one place to the other (like the film Jumper) which is an awesome idea. She attends The Academy which teaches people like her – and Seer’s and Protector’s – about their abilities. I felt as though things were a little too good to be true at the school – awesome apartments (which she lives in with her team, including Bishop – the guy she likes) big parties, fancy hotel food, nice clothes. But then I guess that makes it a nice escapist story.
As for villains, there was the requisite blonde haired mean girl who gave Sera evil glares in class, The Lady in Black who I actually thought was cool, and The Grungy Gang (Sera labels everything) who was a complete mystery.
Wander Dust was a fun read, and I really liked her jumping from one place to the other instead of just going back in time. The secondary characters all had distinct personalities, even if they were in for the tiniest time. I got the feeling the story was more for younger people, than YA but that didn’t mean I couldn’t enjoy a fun, mystery adventure.
I actually got this book for free on Kindle. At the moment on amazon.co.uk its like 70p. The sequel Protecting Truth is already out, but I’ll hang on and try and get that for free too…


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