Sister Assassin / Mind Games by Kiersten White

Sister Assassin (UK) / Mind Games (US)
Kiersten White
Out 19 February

The first thing that struck me about Sister Assassin is how differently it’s written to White’s Paranormalcy trilogy; it’s not so simple, and it’s a lot darker. As for the story, it started off with an interesting concept, but fell to repeating itself with the same idea of the sisters having to take care of one another. It was a more character-driven story, but that made the entire thing feel completely closed off from the world.

The ‘school’ it mentions in the synopsis is just three of them – Fia and Annie (the sisters) and Eden – and there is nothing about what Eden does, even though apparently she is in the same situation they are. It really did feel as though the sisters were stuck though; being forced to kill and steal, with the adults trying to control them. I liked the action, when it appeared. Although I would have liked more time spent on what Fia was actually forced to do, instead of just being told it happened.

I didn’t particularly like Fia – she was too angry all the time and that gets tiring – but she was certainly a confident girl who did her own thing, although it inevitably led to trouble. There wasn’t much distinction when the POV switched sister, as both constantly thought about how they loved and cared about the other, and for Annie, that was practically all she did.

Underneath, the story was something I would have really liked, but it got lost amongst the sisters constantly trying to keep the other safe. Although Sister Assassin certainly wasn’t bad, it wasn’t all it could have been and I’m finding myelf, a day later, struggling to remember much of what happened.

I received an ebook edition of this from Netgalley.


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