Blood Red Road by Moira Young

Blood Red Road
Moira Young

First off, the cover is very Tomb Raider – which is awesome.
Second off, the writing of this novel is odd an there ain’t no speech marks at all, but you gets used to it after a few pages. (That was me trying to write like how it’s written.)
Story: Saba’s twin brother is taken, and she sets off him to find him with the help of some new friends, and Jack.
I really liked this as it felt less like the typical romantic/dystopian YA books out there, and more like an adventure like some of my favourite older books. Saba was a strong character, and the banter between her and Jack was fun, but she wanted to take the journey alone and kept yelling at the others to turn back, which got annoying.
The world felt really tiny – did the King rule the whole country? or just those slaves? who knows? – and when Saba was cage-fighting (yes, there’s cage-fighting!) it would have felt more realistic if she’d lost one or two rounds instead of being amazing.
But overall I really liked the adventure story, and Jack was the roguish character that’s always fun.
The sequel Rebel Heart is out now. It’s also right in front of me, waiting to be read..


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