Sweet Venom by Tera Lynn Childs


Sweet Venom
Tera Lynn Childs

About: Three sisters – triplets – who are the modern day descendants of Medusa. They can see mythological creatures and they fight them. This book reminded me of the TV show Charmed with the sisters being the ‘Key Generation’ and each of them having a special ability. Also, its set in San Francisco. Seeing as how I loved Charmed, this is not a bad thing.

Each chapter is set in the perspective of each sister. They have very distinct personalities so you don’t get confused who’s talking and how they speak and act is very realistic. There is one bit that I knew before they did but I didn’t get frustrated, thinking they’re stupid. They figured it out in the end. However, they seem to fight the creatures in the same way each time so I’m hoping the author will find other ways in the future.

Overall, I really enjoyed Sweet Venom and am looking forward to the sequel. It was a fun, simple, action story that was refreshingly different to the dark, paranormal, ooh look a mysterious/dark/evil/secretive guy. The guys in this book were fun. They certainly have mysteries though…

The sequel Sweet Shadows comes out 1 March 2013


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