Prodigy by Marie Lu

(Legend #2)
Marie Lu

Legend is one of my favourite books ever. So it was going to be tough to beat that. And Prodigy didn’t. But it was pretty awesome in it’s own right and so much better than a lot of other books out there right now.
It went deeper into the characters, dystopian America, everything, which I haven’t seen done so well before. It’s such a cinematic book with action set-pieces and, even though there was a love square it made sense and I didn’t hate it even though I hate love triangles. However, it did drop off slightly in the middle but then it came zooming back with that finale. There’s kind of a cliff-hanger and, it’s probably just me, but I didn’t like it all that much.
I really enjoyed Prodigy as it was an action adventure with more depth than you’d expect, and plenty of twists. I’ll definitely be looking forward to the sequel which is out sometime next year.


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