The Forsaken by Lisa Stasse

The Forsaken
Lisa Stasse

To be honest, I didn’t expect much from this, but it pleasantly surprised me. Alenna lives in a dystopian America where teenagers have to take a test (this seems to be the requisite dystopian thing) to see if they have something in them that might turn them into criminals in later life. If they do, they get sent to an island in the middle of nowhere. Of course, Alenna gets sent there and finds herself trapped with cRaZy teen criminals.
At first, I hated Alenna. She was thinking ‘this test is a waste of time, I’m not criminal material’ which, um, I think everyone thinks. Plus when she goes to the island she’s like ‘this is a mistake! I’m not criminal material’ as if would-be criminals know they’re going to be criminals. Sigh.
But. After that it got a whole lot better. It reminded me slightly of Lost, and The Sims Castaways where they’re trapped on some mysterious island and have to survive. Alenna was a realistic, normal girl who was terrified by her surroundings but who managed to be brave. There were plenty of mysteries and twists, and I’d really recommend this book for anyone looking for an adventure. However, if you’re looking for romance, that wasn’t handled all that well – very forced and sudden.
But, I’ll be reading the sequel The Uprising which comes out later this year. Although the thing I liked most about The Forsaken was the setting, and that won’t be the same…


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