Finale by Becca Fitzpatrick

Becca Fitzpatrick

That cover is awful. I couldn’t even take off the dust jacket as it was a library book and stuck on with a plastic coating.
Nora is head of the Nephilim army, the enemies of the fallen angels. But the guy she loves, Patch, is a fallen angel. That should be the cue for drama, but the story doesn’t focus on that. In fact, Nora spends most of the story floundering between the two sides, which are going to war against each other, at some point, not that there’s any rush for her to sort things out. I really didn’t know which side were the enemies as they both felt evil. But, the story itself – with twists and mysteries – wasn’t actually that bad.
But the story could have been amazingly wonderful and I wouldn’t have cared, because I hated the characters. Nora tried to be tough, but more often than not she relied on Patch. And she picked completely the wrong fights – ‘we’re a team, Patch’ ‘you can’t come with me or the guy I’m meeting will get freaked and run’ ‘this isn’t about him, Patch. It’s about us’ – are you kidding me? For once Patch is right.
As for Patch himself… Everyone Nora knows hates him. Everyone is scared of him. He keeps saying ‘you’re mine’ and there are constant creepy references he gives to the bedroom. He even planted a tracker on her, followed her and got angry when she met with some guy. That is a bad relationship girl, and if I cared about you at all, I would tell you to run for the hills.
The author took the really really easy route with Nora having to tell Vee – her best friend, her only friend – the truth about everything. It was pointless, as was the epilogue which was nothing to do with Nora and Patch.
So, I guess the story was fine, but the characters were dreadful and Patch was the epitome of everything bad and wrong about a relationship.
I’m very glad this series is over.


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