The Rise of Nine by Pittacus Lore


The Rise of Nine
(The Lorien Legacies #3)
Pittacus Lore

I really enjoyed this book, even with my forgetting what had happened in the previous one The Power of Six. There were lots of main characters, but they had very distinct personalities – I particularly liked Nine who did whatever he wanted, and Marina whom I related to the most. I even found myself worried when it appeared one might die, and that’s saying something. I loved that they all acted their age: teenagers with super-powers would go wild with them, and said powers felt so natural and normal. The author obviously has a great imagination to come up with all the different Legacies (powers) and Inheritances (magical items). I’m a fan of stories that link characters stories together so I really liked how they were interacting with each other from all around the world. I was also looking forward to when all the members of the Garde (the teenagers sent down from alien planet Lorien) got together because then they would be so powerful and unstoppable.
The Rise of Nine was an action-packed story that sucks you in completely. The next in the series comes out later this year.


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