Scarlet by Marissa Meyer

The Lunar Chronicles #2
Marissa Meyer

This was very different to Cinder. Very. It was an adventure action story, taking place mostly in France; trains, abandoned opera houses, and a spaceship. But, unlike Cinder, these settings weren’t described as fully and I had a hard time picturing some of the places, as well as sometimes having difficulty imagining some of the action scenes.
As for the characters, I liked Scarlet and Cinder as they were both very strong female protagonists, bossing the guys around in a fun way. Yet Scarlet jumped to a very quick conclusion near the beginning, and didn’t seem to have any plan save for the main idea – find and save her grandmother. This got her straight in trouble, and honestly, what did she expect?
Thinking back on Scarlet I can’t see what it actually added to the story as a whole. There were no revelations and hardly any furthering of the main story. I did enjoy reading, but that idea of it not adding anything was always in the back of my mind. But if you think of it as a seperate story, it was a fun adventure.
The sequel Cress comes out next year, with the last in the series Winter the year after.


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