Insignia by S.J. Kincaid

(Insignia #1)
S. J. Kincaid

Tom Raines is suddenly recruited into the US Army to train as a virtual reality Combatant to see if he is good enough to help fight World War Three.
This is definitely a boy’s book, not that it means I didn’t enjoy, because I really did. I loved the characters – teenage boys actually acting like teenage boys. They made fun of each other, called each other names, teamed up to become the Doctors of Doom. And Tom, he was violent and always up for a good revenge scheme which made him so different to other characters I’ve read who are always trying to be so good and moral all the time.
The basis of entering virtual reality allowed for some really awesome ideas, for example fighting as Achilles and Hector in the battle of Troy. Literally anything could happen. The simulations reminded me of the film Inception where they were linked together in basically a dream, and when they died in the dream they woke up.
The only flaw I found was the long lectures explaining about the world and the various corporations. I pretty much skipped them and I still understood what was going on.
I really enjoyed this book, and can’t wait to read more about Tom, Vik (AKA tiny spicy Indian), Yuri (maybe my favourite character), and their girl friend Wyatt (AKA Man Hands). The sequel Vortex is out this year.


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