Angelfire by Courtney Allison Moulton

(Angelfire #1)
Courtney Allison Moulton

Ellie is having creepy nightmares, then Will appears and POW she finds she’s the only girl in the world who can kill the reapers – evil creatures who kill you and drag your soul into Hell.
I zoomed through this book. It was so nice, easy-to-read, and action packed, and I really really enjoyed it. Ellie is such a refreshing protagonist. She’s fun, lighthearted, doesn’t complain about the crazy things happening in her life, and is generally a happy person. As for her Guardian Will… he was safe. He might have had secrets but it was so nice to have a YA guy who isn’t dangerous. He might have been dark and brooding, but Ellie brought out the less serious side of him, and his job was to protect her. There was rarely a moment when the two weren’t together, which was fine as I liked them together, but maybe the story could have done with some time apart?
In places the story reminded me of Buffy with the girl going out hunting and trying to juggle her normal school life, and that’s always awesome. I got a little confused with some of the fight scenes, but I could understand who won and who lost. I’m not a fan of stories with angels and religious stuff in, and when the explanation time came I got a little confuzzled, but it wasn’t a major part. There were also places where she seemed to stop fighting and simply watch others get beaten up, as though the author didn’t know what to do with her in the scene. Oh, and what happened with the nightmares? They seemed to disappear half way through. The finale happened in a place I really didn’t expect a book like this to go to though, so that was nice.
Bonus points for mentioning 13 Going On 30 which is one of my favourite girly films!
The sequels Wings of the Wicked and Shadows in the Silence are out now.


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