The Goddess Test by Aimee Carter

 The Goddess Test
(Goddess Test #1)

Aimee Carter

Kate’s mother is dying, so they move back to her childhood home. There she meets Henry, who is actually Hades and will prolong her mother’s life if she passes seven tests. If she does pass though, she’ll become Henry’s bride and a goddess.
Overall, I liked the book, but there were numerous flaws. For a start, Kate was a rather dull main character, cold and unfriendly at the start but still able to get friends – a best friend apparently. She also seemed predisposed to believe Henry when he said about her having to come live with him for six months every year – she didn’t disbelieve him and think him crazy like a normal person, she had serious conversations about it and debated doing it.
After that the story did get better, and I liked the reveal of what the tests were. However, the past few girls who’d taken the test had died, yet there was never a threat that Kate would be killed – there was no tension. I did like her interactions with Henry though as she’s the one chasing him, while he’s in love with someone else, and that’s something a bit different.
Even with the bad points, I’d still like to read the sequels to see where it goes next as the story itself was good.
The sequels Goddess Interrupted and The Goddess Inheritance are out now.


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