Clockwork Princess by Cassandra Clare

Clockwork Princess
(The Infernal Devices #3)
Cassandra Clare

I finally know how it all ends! (This review will be spoiler-free by the way.) Clockwork Angel was the first Cassandra Clare book I read, and it was awesome. Clockwork Prince was frustrating, but I was eagerly awaiting getting my hands on the last in the series.
I think maybe it’s my least favourite of the trilogy.
It is about 80% love triangle, and 20% that pesky story getting in the way. It dragged the tiny plot out, only managing to be so brick-like-thick because of the characters; the actual story was interspersed into it only occasionally. It is a very character-driven book but Tessa doesn’t have much of a personality, Will has changed from the awesome guy in the first book to the lovesick guy who keeps spouting off declarations of love and it feels like the author is trying to turn him into some epic selfless hero, and the others are neatly paired off to one another or only added so fans can dweeb about how they’re related to characters in the other books. Every conversation they have is basically the same, the action in all three books is basically the same, and the author wasn’t making it hard for her characters, but really easy. Cut it down to the main story and this series could have been one normal sized book.
Like the others in this series, the Victorian London aspect is barely there – a costermonger here, an omnibus there – and it feels as though there is absolutely nothing outside this group of Shadowhunters and the Institute – like London is a ghost town they’re just floating through.
The finale, the revelations; they felt small and not important because the story just wasn’t about the action/plot.
I read City of Bones recently and it was amazing. The other two in that series were really good as well. I don’t hate Cassandra Clare’s books. But this was a disappointment.


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