Everneath by Brodi Ashton

(Everneath #1)
Brodi Ashton

Almost the entire way through reading this book I was thinking… ‘what’s the point’? There seemed to be no real story to it. There was a love triangle but even that wasn’t the main aspect of the story. The two guys – Jack and Cole: One had gone out with pretty much every girl in school but realised he loved only her, and the other was a semi-famous musician with girls asking for his autograph but wanted only her – two perfect guys to fight over you. And in between them was boring Nikki who had come back from the ‘Everneath’ to say goodbye to her friends and family, but rarely spent any time with them (her brother was in it for all of two seconds) and in places was frustratingly stupid.
It was written well, there are some aspects I didn’t see coming, and saying all this, I didn’t hate it, but I won’t be reading the sequel Everbound which is out now. I like more action – more plot – to a story.


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