Ink by Amanda Sun

(Paper Gods #1)
Amanda Sun

Katie moved to Japan, started a new school, met a mysterious boy, oh, and she saw his drawings come alive..
I was looking forward to the Japanese aspect of Ink as I’d never read a book set anywhere but America or England really. The location, the customs, the food, it was all interesting and made what could have been a very typical start of a story feel fresh and new. I liked the cherry blossom traditions, and the fact they were riding around on bikes instead of getting into a car. Of course, there were some foreign words thrown in, but usually you could guess what they meant.
However… At the start, for some inexplicable reason, Katie decides to practically stalk Tomohiro (the main guy) because ‘the more he pushed her away, the more she had to know where he was sneaking off to’. I don’t know why she thought he was sneaking anywhere, and why it was her right to find out when she’d only just met him. There seemed to be no story outside of him; she thought of nothing but him; and all she’d heard about him was he was dangerous and got into fights. There was action, but Katie always felt like a weak character needing someone else to save her. And sometimes the ‘ink’ story felt a little ridiculous.
I’m not sure when the sequel comes out, but I don’t think I’ll be reading it, even if the setting is pretty.
(I do like the little flickbook at the bottom of the page, although reading it on my laptop, obviously I didn’t get the full effect.)
Thanks to Netgalley!


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