Shades of Earth by Beth Revis

There’s not many sequels I really look forward to, but Shades of Earth (Across The Universe #3) by Beth Revis was definitely one of them. And it didn’t disappoint. (This will be a spoiler to those who have yet to read the other two in the series, but will give away nothing more than the blurb does).

Amy and Elder have landed on Centauri-Earth where they find just as many mysteries as they did onboard Godspeed. Although the new location made this last book completely different to the previous two, I loved it, and I haven’t read anything like it before. There were plenty of twists that made the new world seem creepy, and I raced through this amazing story.

The only flaws (which didn’t take away the awesomeness of the story in the slightest) was that a lot of the cliffhanger twists were mysterious deaths, and I started guessing who was going to die next. Also, I never really connected to or liked any of the characters, but it’s been like that throughout the entire trilogy and I don’t particularly mind.

I love this trilogy, and it was finished well. If you’re looking for a story-driven, mystery that doesn’t focus completely on the romance then you really need to read this series. I can’t wait to see what Beth Revis writes next.


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