Review: Natural Born Angel by Scott Speer

The sequel to Immortal City, Natural Born Angel by Scott Speer sees Maddy surpassing her boyfriend Jacks in fame, training to become a Guardian, and being caught between the growing tension of Angels and Humans.

It almost felt like two separate stories – the Maddy teenage, perfect fantasy, and the detective adult investigations. Maddy’s transformation from hoody-wearing waitress to Alexander McQueen-wearing celebrity seemed very easy and there was no chick flick style makeover scene which might explain it – suddenly she fitted into the glamorous beautiful Angels. But as for Jacks – who was barely in it – I felt really sorry for him.

It really felt as though the author knew his stuff in terms of the presidential campaign, the Angels’ policies, and the detectives, and those aspects made it turn from what could have just been a typical story to something a little more. However, love triangles and Maddy and Jack growing apart still made it typical YA.

I enjoyed reading, I didn’t see many flaws, and what passed as the finale looks like it’ll lead to an interesting end to the trilogy which I’ll read, but the Angel aspect isn’t really my kind of book and it’s only that which lowers it in my opinion.


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