Review: Sweet Shadows by Tera Lynn Childs

In the sequel to Sweet Venom, Sweet Shadows (Medusa Girls #2) by Tera Lynn Childs continues the story of three sisters descended from Medusa defending San Francisco from monsters. I really enjoyed the relative simplicity and general fun of the first book, and the sequel doesn’t disappoint.

Gretchen, Grace, and Greer have very distinct personalities that grow and change along with the events they go through. There are plenty of twists and mysteries – so no second book syndrome here – and the author certainly makes it hard for the characters. I was also impressed by how much it linked with the first book – small details, characters, feelings and sayings mentioned in this one.

I mentioned in the review for the previous book how the author needed to find a different way for the girls to defeat the monsters instead of constantly jumping on their backs, and that hadn’t changed which was disappointing. I never really thought of them as fighters if all they did was jump and cling on for dear life. Also, the finale… it wasn’t a finale. It felt as though there needed to be one so a set piece and monsters appeared, but then it went away in almost a paragraph.

The last in the trilogy, Sweet Legacy comes out later this year, and judging from the end of this book, it might be quite different. But I’ll be looking forward to it.


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