Review: Awaken by Meg Cabot

Awaken by Meg Cabot is the last in the Abandon trilogy, and sees Pierce trying to save both the Underworld where she now resides with her boyfriend – the Death Deity John – and Isla Huesos where her family live, from ‘pestilence’.

This was the best in the series, by far. I loved the ensemble cast and their distinct way of talking to each other. I loved the chaotic scenes which managed to be really easy to read, and really fun. And, although I’ve never really liked John, Meg Cabot found a way to make me smile when he appeared later on. She always writes such great characters, and is able to mix action and serious scenes with fun lines and humour.

Overall, this series is probably my least favourite of Meg Cabot’s series’ but this last in the trilogy found a way to raise its standings.

(I bought the US version because it doesn’t come out here in the UK until June next year!!!)


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