Review: Eve by Anna Carey

Eve (Eve #1) by Anna Carey sees a girl escaping the confines of her school when she finds out the horrible truth about it, and learns to live on the outside.

Okay, at first it might sound typical with the whole sheltered girl, evil organisation, gets help out in the wild by a handsome boy. But though I wasn’t expecting much, it pleasantly surprised me. It was well-written, had characters I didn’t hate, and the plot kept moving swiftly from place to place.

There were some things I usually dislike in books, but in Eve they managed to be well done. For example – instalove, which didn’t feel too quick and felt more like a partnership. And how the protagonist sat at home teaching the children (albeit in a dystopian cave environment) while the ‘men’ went out hunting. It fit. How would this girl know how to catch animals and fight when she’s lived forever in polite girls school? She had a strong character instead.

Eve wasn’t anything overly special, but it was more than I was expecting and was a solid read. I ordered both the sequels (Once and Rise) from the library soon after.


2 thoughts on “Review: Eve by Anna Carey

  1. Ordering both sequels? Now there’s a serious vote of confidence. I shall definitely keep this series in mind, especially since I love main characters who have proper backbones and grit! 🙂

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